#DoctorsAreDickheads is hashtag activism at its most ineffectual

ani kolleshi 640938 unsplash 796x475 - #DoctorsAreDickheads is hashtag activism at its most ineffectual
People tend to talk about doctors in respectful, often referential terms. I can think of few other professions besides Medicine which command immediate, universal respect. Except for the past couple of days, when the hashtag #DoctorsAreDickheads trended across Twitter. You read that right. Doctors. Are. Dickheads. As hashtags go, it’s an extremely uncomfortable one to read, but scrolling through my Twitter feed, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for those using it to share genuinely sad stories about medical malpractice and negligence. People talked about not being taken seriously by doctors. About having their medical concerns ignored.…

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