From deal to dumpster fire: A MoviePass timeline

<p>Once {described as|called} the Netflix of movie theaters, the subscription-based {movie|film} ticket {service|agency} <a href=”” target=”_blank”>MoviePass</a> blew {up |}the industry {with|using} its 2017 price {drop|fall}, which {promised|guaranteed} the ability for subscribers to go to the movies {every day|daily} for {less than|under} $10 {per|each} month.</p><p>At the {time|moment}, it {sounded|seemed} too good to be true, and in the months that followed, millions of {subscribers|readers} would {learn|discover} {how|just how} correct that {initial|first} {assessment|appraisal} was, as one {problem|difficulty} after another plagued the {popular|favorite} {service|support}. {Lately|Recently}, not {a|per} week — and sometimes, not even a day — goes {by without|with} some new {twist|spin} {in|at} the MoviePass saga, painting a portrait of a {clever|smart} idea {that is|that’s}, {sadly|regrettably}, unsustainable in its {current|present} iteration.</p>{<div><div></div></div>|}<p>In the interest of keeping track of all {the|of the} events as they transpire, {we’ve|we have} {put together|assembled} a timeline of {key|important} moments in the {brief|short} but {fascinating|intriguing} evolution (and {potential|possible} {demise|death }) of MoviePass, {which|that} {will be|is} {updated|upgraded} as the saga unfolds. {(<em>{Note|Notice}: Scroll to the bottom for the {latest|newest} {updates|upgrades}. |} </em>)</p><p><strong>June 2011</strong>: MoviePass tests its {service|support} for the {first|very first} time in San Francisco, offering {subscribers|readers} the {opportunity|chance} to see {one|1} movie {each|every} day for a monthly fee. After 19,000 people {sign up|register}, theater chains not {only|just} take {notice|note}, but refuse to {cooperate|collaborate} with the fledgling {third-party|third party} system MoviePass {uses|utilizes} to {purchase|buy} tickets. The service is {quickly|soon} {revamped|revived} to require {subscribers|readers} to print out {vouchers|coupons} for {each|every} movie ticket {at|in your} home, but {subscribers|readers} complain that the {system|machine} is {too|overly} cumbersome. Meanwhile, {theaters|theatres} balk at the time {it|that it} {takes|requires} to redeem the {vouchers|coupons} {in|at} the ticketing system.</p><br>