Finally, Apple Pay and Google Pay arrive at 7-Eleven this month

You truly want convenience stores to double down on convenience at every opportunity, ensuring everything is as simple as possible the minute you walk through the doorway. However, for lovers of Apple Pay and Google Pay, this has not been the situation at 7-Eleven. Until this month, that’s.It’s been a long time coming, but 7-Eleven is going to encourage both of these contactless payment solutions, banishing the annoyance — or even sheer inconvenience — of having to handle fiddly fish or coins about for a invoice whenever you hit the voucher.It means that provided that you have a compatible smartphone or smartwatch, you’ll be able to just tap your device on the store’s reader once you go to pay for your goods. OK, it is not quite as easy as Amazon’s super-convenient Go shop , but it’s a step in the perfect direction, for certain.Support for Apple Purchase and Google Pay is rolling out in the vast majority of all 7-Eleven’s U.S. shops throughout September, adding to the organization’s other mobile payment options which also include Samsung Pay.”Frictionless experiences are the future, and also digital payments are crucial to such encounters,” 7-Eleven executive Gurmeet Singh stated in a release.Singh said 7-Eleven’s aim is to”adopt consumer-facing technology to enhance the customer experiences, as well as the technology that operate behind the scenes to guarantee seamless and effortless interactions.”Other efforts by 7-Eleven from the tech space include its 7-Eleven Now program that enables online ordering, and 7Rewards, an app-based customer loyalty program which allows shoppers earn and redeem points in the checkout. If you’re new to the idea of making contactless payments using your iPhone or Android apparatus, Digital Trends has all the information you want. Have a look at this page to discover how to utilize Apple Pay, and that one to learn all about Google Pay. And as we’ve already said it, here’s everything you want to know about Samsung Pay, too.